Fish & Chips

I saw some really great wild cod fillets today at the market and decided to get some. I was going to write a long thing about how delicious the golden crust and the soft, tender fish in the center are, and the crispy chips, but it’s fish & chips, it needs no introduction, so, let’s make some!

Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.

You need:

  • 1 1/2 lb cod fillets
  • 1/2 lb flours
  • 1 1/3 cup beer/club soda
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3 potatoes
  • 5 cups peanut oil

How to make this:

  1. Mix the flours, beer, baking soda, honey and salt into a batter, and place the batter in the fridge to cool it down
  2. Peel and slice the potatoes and cut them into 1-inch wide strip, boil it in salt water for 5-8 min, drain it and let it cools down
  3. Heat the oil to 180C/355F degrees
  4. Season the fish with salt & pepper and coat a layer of flour. Then cover it in the batter and slowly drop it in the oil
  5. Fry the fish for about 5 min and let it drain on some paper towel
  6. Heat the oil to about 190C/375F degrees, dry the potatoes and fry them for about 8 to 12 min, stir from time to time, drain after they are done
  7. Sever it with a couple slices of lemon, some vinegar or ketchup

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